Transaction Security

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We take security very seriously. Every information you share with us is kept safe and private.


Customer Identification

You are identified by your username and password, which are chosen by you and guarantee that only you can have access to your personal details.

You can change your password or email address as often as you wish. Only you have access to your personal codes and only you are responsible for keeping them safe from third persons. In case your personal codes are leaked, please immediately inform us, otherwise is not responsible if your persona codes are used by an unauthorised person. For safety reasons, we suggest that you change your password frequently and avoid to use easy to guess passwords (eg, birthdays). We also suggest that you choose passwords that contain characters as well as numbers.


Payments Safety

Navigation in is 100% under the https protocol, which ensures the encrypted data transfer from and to the website.

All the financial transactions in are absolutely safe. If you choose to pay with credit card, the procedure is performed in Piraeus Bank safe platform, using the most advanced technologies and safety protocols, with 128-bit encryption.

If you choose to pay via PayPal, the procedure is performed in PayPal Inc platform, the most advanced and reliable payment gateway in the world.

Transactions Privacy

Privacy must be taken for granted. All the information we acquire from the user / member of are confidential and will use them only to enhance its services to this user and only this user.

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